Willowman 2015



Willowman is starting.
















The camp sites, which are immediately outside the Main Stage field and T’other field are seconds away if you want to go back to your tent or camper. The only real walk you’ve got is from where the cars are parked and that’s to ensure the people are separated from anything that can cause them any harm.


I’m visiting the Willowman Arms and there is a bar the length of a cricket pitch full of every colour and strength of real ale that you can think of including some brewed for the event.There are lagers and ciders too and they’ve all been brought here a couple of days ago so they’re settled and where appropriate, clear. Couple that with all of the soft drinks and I think they have everything covered.  Steve has even employed the services of a certain Mr. Simpson late of the Tanner Hop and now mostly in Thailand seen smiling on the right if you know him 🙂


Child friendly. Willowman is the most family friendly festival in the country. All kinds of entertainment is being prepared in T’other field.


Novel food machines! I’ve just had a “Bit of everything” from the Seychelles next door.


A warm up before the start. This is just the friendliest festival. Did they mind if I put the photo on the Web, no problem, they even got the guitars out ready for a song…


Techies at the ready.




…and they’re off… Willowman Festival

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