Wainstones Video

Video of Wainstones Walk.

Let your mind drift with the words and let the images of what we have surrounding us wash over you. This is Yorkshire, just on your doorstep, wherever you live.

You will be relaxed and refreshed…”You are a child of the Universe” – Desiderata – Les Crane.

As always, close any adverts if they appear by clicking the little ‘X’ and make the video full screen by clicking the square brackets at the bottom right. Now relax…

Enjoy :-)

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4 thoughts on “Wainstones Video”

  1. I like that you show pic’s of your walks, and especially the video here, makes me determined to get out there and do it, there is so much beauty out there. Thankyou.

    • Thank you for taking the time to respond Dor, your comment is really appreciated. Regards, George

  2. George – what a sensitive and beautifully thought through video – really enjoyed the walk through the countryside accompanied by the words of the ‘Desdirata.’ Should be shown in GP’s waiting rooms to reduce blood pressure readings and negate the need for mood enhancing medication. Why not?

    • I love that idea. There is so much that can be achieved through music. I’ve heard of huge improvements in stammering and certainly major reductions in anxiety and depression. Thank you for your comment…G..x


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