2 thoughts on “Ramblings – 15”

  1. After recently been told about Y. R. I had decided to have a look see. I have only so far looked at the first two of “rambling” walks and I am already hooked, not only the pictures, the amusing dialogue and descriptions of the walk, it’s going to be like a serial which I will follow daily. Well done George , look forward to my next visit to your “ramblings”

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thank you so much for your comment on the YR site. I write for fun and it also acts as a nice record of what I/we’ve been up to.

      I try to find beauty in everything even when it’s cold and grey and if my mind wanders off to earlier times then that’s OK. Sometimes those thoughts are poignant, occasionally funny and on the odd occasion I inject a bit of embellishment to help them on their way.

      To get a wonderfully constructive comment like yours as I read my email this evening has made my day and certainly encourages me to continue to publish my ‘ramblings’.

      Thanks again and kind regards,



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