Northallerton Schools – Photographs

This post is dedicated to Northallerton and district school photographs.

If you would like to contribute your photos please send them to and I’ll add them to this page for all to enjoy.


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  1. Hi George
    Like you my two favourite teachers were Mr Nichol and Mr Watson. By my day Tom was teaching English and Mr Nicol still doing geography. I must confess though there was many a Monday afternoon we would skip Geography straight after lunch and would have a long lunch at my house playing cards for a few hours. I do blame the likes of Danny Grainger, Ray Webb and Pete Harland for forcing me into it. It gave me great delight to invite both to our 30th School Reunion in 2004 when they both turned up in matching yellow jumpers for some reason. My only other favourite was Mrs Higgs who took us for R.E. We would have Mrs Langmaid for the first double lesson and we would do all our work centred around the Bible. The second double lesson was with Mrs Higgs and it was spent discussing how to apply the lessons of the bible to modern day life. We never did any schoolwork as we knew it but would spend a double lesson having some some great debates.

  2. This is a wonderful response Michael. Will you be having a fiftieth reunion next year. That would be a fabulous milestone. I’m in the process of revising some of these posts to put in some of the memories of the respondents. I’ll ensure you get an email when they’re done.

    Kind regards,


  3. If you have copies of Michael Riordan’s ‘Northallerton in Picture Postcards’ vol 1,2,3 there are a few references to schools. The Mount on Yafforth Rd was Mount Pleasant, a prep school with 40-50 boarders, established in 1864, run by Rev E. Burttleston on the site where in 1138 the English Cavalry was lined up at the Battle of the Standard. There are three photos of Applegarth in the early C20, a photo of The Lodge (Miss Nelson’s) in 1907; photo in 1900 of Miss Annie Guthrie’s school in Durham House just north of the Fleece; a school in Brompton in 1890 and a couple of the Grammar School.
    If you want any names of pupils on some of the photos you have posted of Mill Hill and East Road please let me know the best way to send that information.


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