Florida Instalment Three – Breakfast at Mickey’s

The Superheroes are up and active in good time this morning. We have an important assignation with some VIP’s. They’ve asked specifically for the protection of our two highly trained agents and we’ve replied in the affirmative with a request for breakfast that would block an artery and the appearance of the main man, Mickey. There was also a sub-clause in the contract asking for the appearance of Minnie. My own demand is a little less onerous with a request for Goofy, gone are the days of demands for 20,000 Treets with the red ones removed.

The Superheroes are undercover for this outing. They’re sporting ’T’ shirts with Donald, Goofy and Mickey to avoid any favouritism conflicts as the individuals are granted their audience to meet the Superheroes throughout the meal.

It’s a Simpson sky this morning with little wind and the promise of an exceptional day. It’s twenty-odd minutes in the car normally but today there is an element of anxiety as the queues of vehicles build upon the 6 lane highway at the toll gates and the only lane that is moving is the one that we didn’t move into as we were approaching so SuperDad gets a bit of a roasting. I sit quietly as in the days of the separate queues in the post office, I always chose the one that looked like it was moving the quickest but was halted almost as soon as I joined it by a person in a ski mask that couldn’t speak English and wanted to send a package that was ticking to his friend in the Middle East.

Things are still tense as we emerge the tolls and head towards the car park hoping to be somewhere close to the monorail station so that we can clear security and find the train to Contemporary Resort in as little time as possible. The booking is for 0820 and it’s currently 0800 so, we split up and Lewis takes the two bags and stands in line to be searched and the rest of us walk directly through the ‘no-bag’ line and straight towards the monorail station where a train stands ready to whisk us through the various hotel resorts and Magic Kingdom and eventually dropping us, just in time, directly into the restaurant and by that I mean ‘directly’… the monorail actually goes through the restaurant!

The process is very slick and welcoming. We have a few minutes to wait and that suits us fine as the Superheroes father SuperDad Lewis is winging his way to us on the following train and we can see him disembark from the monorail train from our waiting area in the restaurant. As the buzzer that was given at the check-in suddenly bounces around the table it is grabbed by SuperMum Vicky and the magic of Magic Kingdom is activated in a sprinkling of fairy dust as SuperDad Lewis appears!

Breakfast with the stars is truly a delight. First Daisy who clearly doesn’t remember the conversation from yesterday – but she’ll have met a lot of people since then. 

She’s followed by my favourite, Goofy. He clearly realises that I’m his biggest fan and he bumbles around like Goofy should. He’s the Sous-Chef de Cuisine for today and I have to say that the spread that he’s put on is spectacular with a complete offering that includes specials for allergy sufferers, vegetarians, religious diets, people with sweet-tooths (and in America there are many) and every other permutation of fussy eater whether they’re rendered that way by their body or mind or just because they can – Goofy, you do us all proud.

We drift around the huge buffet for a while when Pluto makes an appearance. He spends a fair amount of time with us discussing the weather and how we are, all of it, of course, is in a kind of Disney sign language as the characters can listen but only respond with gestures.

Then on comes Minnie looking great in polka dots and lovely bow in her hair. She’s very ladylike with wonderful, loving gestures that are captivating to the kids and ensures some great photos. Then off she goes but hangs around ready to support Mickey. She’s got this reception well organised and the ramp up to Mickey is tremendous.

In comes the star of the show, Mickey. Mickey is The Chef de Cuisine, the boss. Of course everyone thinks he’s the one who does all this but he’s the planner and the brains behind it, well that’s what he told us. Goofy is the action man –  err, yeah! Mickey is preceded by a reception of waving serviettes led by Minnie and skips around with a funny little dance routine that some of the little heroes copy and it’s great. He leaves our Superheroes until last of course and the upside of this is that he gets a bit more time with them such is his luck.

All of these guys are full of fun and ensure that all the heroes, including the Superheroes, get photographs, autographs and sensational memories to take away and of course, the characters themselves get the unforgettable experience of photographs and lots of fun with the two superist of Superheroes…

I think that SuperMum Vicky deserves a medal for all this…

…and it’s still only 1015.

Enjoy the snaps…G..x

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