Cowesby/Kepwick and Rhododendrons

I received a phone call from Gordon yesterday extolling the virtues of the rhododendrons between Cowesby and Kepwick and “Did I fancy a walk”? He stressed that it’s a short walk and it should take an hour and half. I’ve included the map here and a few snaps. The rhododendrons should be good for another week but the walk is fabulous anyway.


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.05.32

It’s 2.2 miles and climbs about 450 feet. It’s easy in as much as the tracks are evident (as opposed to our Wainstones walk posted yesterday on this page!!) but, for those that may struggle with breathing or mobility, it does include some significant ascents and for you would be difficult.

We did it in the evening when, for photographers and lovers of scenery, this “Golden Hour” of light does beautiful things to our countryside. Thanks Gordon and Peter Hymer, I enjoyed your company. Please enjoy the snaps. Feel free to share…

Oh, and apologies to Peter for sending him to Kepwick when we parked at Cowesby

PS. I appreciate that photos should have foreground and background to create depth; however, in some of these, I wanted to convey the vast beauty of our county and vale so I’ve gone for more open shots. Thanks…G..x

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This is life after an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm open repair. Don’t be afraid of the operation, it set me free. Please be encouraged and inspired to walk, it’s liberating…G..x


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