Costa – Flossy and Colum

Y’know, going to a Costa festival doesn’t require wellies and most days are spent in the sun watching fantastic artists of every genre. Then, just occasionally, something crops up that hits you right between the ears and this is it.

Colum Sands and Flossy Malavialle are both fabulous in their own right but when you put them together they’re magical.

Colum can be found at: Colum Sands and Flossy is here: Flossy Malavialle

If you fancy a fabulous week away in a four star hotel complete with sunshine and music, Click the Costa link below:

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1 thought on “Costa – Flossy and Colum”

  1. OMG – had forgotten how moving some performances are at CDF ! And what a great story teller Collum is too . Flossy is just a treasure ! Hoping so much that 2021 sees us able to enjoy times like these again


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