A Mysterious Cassette

A Mysterious Cassette

Some years ago two lovely people produced a Christmas album for charity.

Now let’s jump forward many years and I’m clearing out all manner of rubbish from the shed when I come across a cassette. The label had long since disappeared and the tape within had unwound and snapped.

In a fit of what would turn out to be fortuitous enthusiasm to repair the mysterious, unlabelled cassette with the broken tape, I went to find a hexagonal pencil that anyone ‘of an age’ will recognise as an essential tool in the armoury of a cassette owner. Then, with the help of some sellotape and a lot of breath-holding plus sweat fueled concentration, I got the tape spliced and the tiny reels turning.

Now all I needed was a cassette player and with a little more digging around in the shed; bingo, under three old and broken laptops that I was saving for spares (they’re on the tip now – I was ruthless) was an antique Panasonic ghetto blaster. You know the ones that your kids would lift on to their shoulder in the ’80s a bit like a Soviet Walkman. It was portable but made your neck ache! Anyway, I plugged it in not expecting much from it and it fired up immediately.

I put the tape in and the voice of an angel came out.

So I plugged the ghetto blaster into my computer and gave it a good ‘Garagebanding’ considering its age I think came out OK. So…after a fit of messaging to the lady with the voice I got permission to publish it here – Thank you Jo

Here’s the album – but please bear in mind two things:

1/ it is many decades old and even with the post-processing there is an element of wow/flutter from the antique ghetto blaster.

2/ it was for charity so, if you like it, and I’m sure you will, then please find an opportunity to give a special donation to a good cause and I’m sure Jo and Roy Duffield (The South Bank Grunters) would be delighted.

Enjoy Christmas and let the album set the scene.

In the Bleak Midwinter
Holly and the Ivy
Coventry Carol
Away in a Manger
Unto us a Child is Born
Oh Holy Night
Hail Hail
Holy Child
Silent Night

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