Nevis Range

A great walk at about 2500 feet. The cost of the cable car is £13 although there’s a bit of discount for those of an age.

There is a cosy cafe/club house at the cable car terminal and two well signed walks one to the left and doable with a bit of effort in the snow and the other one to the right just a little more challenging. On a less snowy day both should be easy.

The one to the left does include a view of Ben Nevis so I opt to do that first. There are snow making machines working overtime on the lower slopes for the youngsters so take the lower route – only it’s now just flat with snow and the actual path is across this tundra. 

I see a man working hard with young snowboarders and he advises walking across this white desert towards some flags that will guide me to the view point.

My new found friend warns me to walk very slowly until I reach the marked track as there are quite deep cuts that have been covered with drifts. Hmmm, OK you’re ahead of me…

I set off across the minefield and within twenty metres I’m zip level with the snow. I’m struggling with three adams apples but do find time to be very grateful for his advise. If I’d been walking at normal speed I really would have hurt myself but, apart from feeling a bit of a pratt, I’m not hurt and with a couple of pushes on my gloved hands I’m out and staggering again. I reach the path without further incident and make my way along the track to the mini summit although it has to be said that the track is treacherous with ice and compacted snow. At the top I meet a couple of ladies who are busy seeing off their lunch. Sally and Aileen are from York and Manchester and tell me about their adventure yesterday when they nearly reached the peak of Ben Nevis. They were defeated by the snow but clearly intend to reach the top in the future.

I spend 20 minutes here and set off back down to track. After several slips and slides I take the decision to walk in the soft snow and heather to side of the track. The grip is significantly better and where there is snow, it is soft and allows my boots to grip into it.
I return to the cafe/club house thingy and it is welcomingly warm.

An hour later and satisfied with coffee and a snack it’s time for the second walk followed by a return on the cable car.

If you’re in this area you really must take this trip. You don’t have to do the walks, although I would urge you to consider them, just be careful if you have to cross an area that looks like flat, safe and uneventful snow 🙂

Enjoy the snaps… G..x  

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